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Feb 6 2013, 02:30 PM
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Rafe/Sami is absolutely DELICIOUS as bitter, vicious enemies who go right for the jugular with the most hurtful things they can say (while deftly playing their own hurt over their failed relationship as subtext). I can't believe how much I thoroughly enjoy these two going at one another with emotional hatchets. Rafe/Sami as enemies is INFINITELY better than Rafe/Sami as lovey-dovey romantics.
I thought it would be - but I don't find that I am thinking that about Rafe and Sami in these scenes. Same as I didn't enjoy the Sami and Brady scenes yesterday when I was really looking forward to them. I just hate Sami so much, I am no longer entertained by her. And while it is delicious irony that she is playing the Kate in this story, I hate-liked Kate in her story. Sami, not so much. It's disappointing - I want to enjoy the soapy badassness.
you know kate could be annoying with her meddling but i understood her most of the time and kates hate of sami made more sense
I think that's my problem. I mean, Kate may have been way OTT, but at least she had a reason to dislike Sami. Sami lied about Austin being the father of her child. That lie affected two of Kate's sons.

But I can't figure out why Sami hates Gabi so much. Yes, Gabi lied, but so did Will. I understand Sami being upset, but this has been ridiculously OTT since day one and for no good reason. Without that good reason, it just makes me hate Sami even more than I usually do (and that's saying something). I don't find her rants entertaining, I find them unwatchable.
I think the reason Sami is so hostile to Gabi is because Gabi attempted to pull the same stunt Sami did with Will all those years ago. Granted there is a bit of a twist with Will being aware, but Sami knows what it is to keep a baby from it's father. She's done it many times, with varying degrees of success until implosion. She's just playing the other side of the fence this time. Sami sees herself in Gabi IMO - and that's why she is going ballistic.
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