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Feb 6 2013, 09:56 PM
So, I :wub:Sami today. :laugh: She turned on her bitch mode when Rafe wouldn't stop dogging her. They build up was fantastic. You knew she was going to say something designed to cut him to the core; I was waiting for the boom and boy, did it come. The way she threw the "I'm really happy right now. I had sex with EJ and it was the best night of my life" was so cold! :coldb: She didn't scream or shout. It was almost calm and emotionless. She just wanted to shut him up for the shit he kept talking. Thank goodness because I was beyond tired of him. Even better, we know that she IS happy with EJ right now since they displayed that over the past few days. So for me, it was 70% for truth, 30% for spite from her. For that, I salute her. Then, afterward she was solely concerned about how her argument affected Will. She didn't care much about Rafe's feelings. Good, becuase I sure as hell don't. I hope this Sami sticks around. :rockon:

I loved Victor taunting Nicole today. Those scenes were absolutely perfect. From the candies to the "Taunting Nicole keeps me young," I could not stop laughing. Nik was off her A game again. She protested way too much for someone claiming innocence. Even Eric caught it. It because more apparent that she was losing her touch when Kristen slipped in that little seed of falling for Eric. That seed sprouted fruit quickly! Nicole's demeanor around Eric changed completely.

Wilson, why do you tug at my heart strings! :frownie:

Julie! :cart: Can we trade her for Maggie, please?.
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