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This, by far, was the best episode since the wedding blowup. I loved all of it.

First Eileen & Ari are gold. They are so fabulous together! I need them in scenes daily. Loved Kristen's line how they are both smart, ambitious, gorgeous & tall. LOL Her giving Nicole props on her scheme was icing on the cake.

Then there was Victor! Omg! Can I have him on everyday too? (without Mags of course) He is so darn snarky, grumpy & lovable all rolled into one. As soon as Brady said he wasn't the one who pressed charges, I knew it was Victor & couldn't wait for his entrance. :laugh: His scenes with Hope were great too.

RAFE! Oh how I loved him laying into Sami! It was just about my favorite Rafe scenes ever. When he said that she disgusted him, I cheered. Go Rafe! You deserve better!

Blake just gets better & better! That flash of crazy that darkens his face & then POOF! Gone. I won't let myself totally root for him because of the nasty homophobic shit he says, but I can't totally hate him. I hope he does get redeemed & not just sent off to the looney bin after this all is over.

Oh & I miss Bo like crazy! :'(
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