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Feb 6 2013, 11:18 PM
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I think that's my problem. I mean, Kate may have been way OTT, but at least she had a reason to dislike Sami. Sami lied about Austin being the father of her child. That lie affected two of Kate's sons.

But I can't figure out why Sami hates Gabi so much. Yes, Gabi lied, but so did Will. I understand Sami being upset, but this has been ridiculously OTT since day one and for no good reason. Without that good reason, it just makes me hate Sami even more than I usually do (and that's saying something). I don't find her rants entertaining, I find them unwatchable.
I think the reason Sami is so hostile to Gabi is because Gabi attempted to pull the same stunt Sami did with Will all those years ago. Granted there is a bit of a twist with Will being aware, but Sami knows what it is to keep a baby from it's father. She's done it many times, with varying degrees of success until implosion. She's just playing the other side of the fence this time. Sami sees herself in Gabi IMO - and that's why she is going ballistic.
But it's not the same stunt. Perhaps it's a Sami-paternity-adjacent stunt, but this is completely, as we've said, Sami imposing her memories of her situation, how she acted, why she did it, etc., onto this situation. And while not at all out of character or totally un-understandable (that's not a word - incomprehensible is better?), it's annoying to some for this reason. Some like it; others don't. I used to like it, and I used to identify the vulnerability another poster mentioned. I used to looovvveee Sami for that blend of crazy and vulnerable - how was she able to make me think she was deranged, but also root for her, and feel sympathy for her in spite of/because of her lunacy? It was amazing! Once upon a time, long ago. But no more. I found nothing sympathetic or vulnerable about her today. Her lipstick and coat didn't help.

Sami knows what she knows and what she remembers of what she did, and even though all she has done thus far is suggest Will get a paternity test, which is not terrible, I suspect it won't stop there (it's clear Sami will be in this story in this capacity, so she'll continue to meddle). She'll start making decisions based on herself, or based on how she remembers these custody rodeos playing out when she was at the helm, etc. And her hostility for Gabi is disproportionate to what's actually happened and what Sami knows imo [she has suspicions of Gabi's' crimes, but doesn't know; she heard from this supposed friend that Gabi and Nick were planning a wedding, but she was quickly told otherwise so that's off the table]. I understand this is the impetus for drama and conflict - I get it. I just don't find entertainment in it - not in Sami anyway.

Sami is hostile and ballistic to Gabi b/c Sami is Sami. It's in character, I'll grant you that. So that is "good" I guess. But other than this, there is no redeemable aspect to her behavior. I don't care that she wants to help her son b/c I don't believe that is what this is about, not really. I don't care if it's understandable that this baggage she has of her own memories is informing her. And I don't care if Rafe is as much at fault for baiting or volleying with Sami in a pissing match today. It just falls flat.
That's because most of the writing for this show lacks depth and at worst is a bunch of plot points strung together. That's why it fails to draw me in.
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