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Feb 6 2013, 07:23 PM
Spencer Hastings
Feb 6 2013, 01:36 PM
Feb 6 2013, 04:04 AM

It's kind of odd that Nadia Bjorlin was apparently unaware that Nancy and Craig despised Mike, since that was never a secret. I guess that she just forgot about that part of the character history, but she made it sound like she had never been aware of that fact in the first place.
I wouldn't doubt that she wasn't aware of it. Chloe hadn't even been thought of when all of that was going on and I don't think they intended for Nancy and Craig to stay past that storyline. I can see how she wouldn't know about it since it didn't really concern her or her character when she came on.

If I remember correctly, Kate Mansi had similar trouble back when she started and misspoke about her character's relation to Sonny. I think all hell broke out on twitter over that one, haha. I just don't think everyone researches their family history when they begin playing a character (unlike Chandler Massey, who watched hours of clips and assumed that Will shot EJ before the writers did).
Re: the bolded...yeah, that's a fair assumption. I guess that it just seems weird to me because if I were an actor, I'd approach a role the same way that Chandler Massey did. I can't imagine not researching the histories of my character's parents, but that's just me.
Soap research is pretty easy now, but she wouldn't have had the convenience of youtube. And digging up info about Sami and Lucas and the Bradys/Hortons/Roberts is one thing; the Wesleys is another.
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