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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1: Kristen will think about getting married in secret if that is what Brady wants. Brady - No, it's absolutely not.

Hope knocks on the rectory door and comes in (Eric and Nicole were about to talk balanced budget). Hope is here on police business; she needs to ask Nicole a few questions. Nicole - About what? Actually I'm busy right now. Hope - I really don't care. She asks Eric if she can speak to Nicole alone. Nicole snaps - Absolutely not. I need a witness just in case she badgers me. What's this about? Hope - I'm investigating some illegal activities involving corporate espionage and theft at Titan. Eric points out that Nicole doesn't have anything to do with Titan anymore. Hope - Are you sure about that Eric? You have no idea about it? Nicole - Can I cry sanctuary and she automatically has to leave? Hope - You object to answering a few questions? Nicole - No, I object to you blaming me for everything that comes across your desk. That's harassment! Eric - Can you tell us why you want to talk to Nicole? Like I said she's no longer affiliated with Titan. Hope - Some files were stolen off of Brady Black's laptop. Eric - And that led you to Nicole? Nicole - Everything leads her to Nicole. She's still trying to blame me for the Great Train Robbery. Hope - You still haven't told me where you were that night? Nicole - Oh look how much fun she's having falsely accusing me ... Hope - Stop. I'm not accusing you of anything. Actually in fact, questioning you wasn't my idea. I took the case over from another detective and a complaint was filed against you. Eric - And who did that? Hope - I can't divulge that information as you know but what I can tell you is that whomever filed the complaint was absolutely positive that Nicole was responsible. Nicole - Brady! OMG, I can't believe this. You know what, actually I can believe this because that bitch Kristen put him up to it.

Gabi thanks Julie for the baby gift. You're too good to me. Julie begs to disagree. The way you helped turned Nick's life around; I couldn't possibly be too good to you. Gabi - Nick did that. I've never, ever met anyone so focused. Julie - I know and I was so frightened for him. When he was stabbed, it was all touch and go. Even when we knew he was going to survive I was afraid he'd have big emotional scars. Gabi - He was stabbed? Julie - Oh Gabi, you didn't know. I'm so sorry. Gabi - The scar on his back; he was stabbed. Julie - He never told you. Gabi - No, whenever I asked him he got too upset. What happened? Julie - That's just it, nobody knows. Nick refuses to ... Nick comes up to them in the pub - Julie, not one word!

Will sees Sonny working inside the coffeehouse. He pulls out the key to Sonny's place and recalls the morning Sonny gave it to him. He goes inside, they stare at each other for a moment.

When Sami says they need to talk Rafe replies that he thinks that everything that needs to be said has already been said. Sami - Just listen, EJ and I ... Rafe - I know what you and EJ did. I really don't need to hear the details. You slept with EJ. All I was wondering is how long it was going to take you to throw it in my face. Sami wasn't go to say ... Rafe - What were you going to say then, huh? What the hell else is there to talk about? That's all you guys have been doing since we had our little chat, isn't it? Sami would appreciate it if he could be a little less offensive. EJ and I talked about the situation with Gabi and he helped me see that I could have handled it better. Rafe - You talked? That's what you did? You talked. Really? That's why you farmed the kids out? So you and EJ could talk? Go to hell.

Brady - We've been through this. If we get married right now it's going to make it virtually impossible for me to reconcile with my family. Kristen - That's why I thought you wanted to keep it secret. Brady - Because that's what you were implying. Make no mistake, if we do get married, I don't want it to be a secret. We hid how we felt from everybody before and look how it turned out. Kristen - You're right but that was completely different. Brady doesn't care. I don't want to hide anything. My family knows that I love you. I think that they should absorb that. If we get married I want everyone there. I want everyone to see what we have together. He gets a call from Eric. Father, what did I do now? Eric - I don't know. I was hoping you could meet me at the police station in a few minutes. Brady - You had me kicked off the board and now you want to make a citizen's arrest? Eric - I can't explain it on the phone but it's kind of important. So if you would meet me at the police station ... Brady will be right there. He tells Kristen he doesn't know what it's about but Eric whats him to meet him at the police station. I'll text you when I know what's going on. They kiss and he leaves. Kristen talks to herself. Okay, so I'll ask. What's a girl got to do to get a marriage proposal around here.

Segment 2: Eric and Nicole are now at the police station. Nicole tells him that the only good thing about this morning is that he was there. Eric - For spiritual guidance. Nicole - So can I call you as a witness in my civil suit against the City of Salem and Hope, drunk with power, Brady? Eric - I'll testify that she asked you to answer a couple of questions. Nicole - She dragged me in here without a shred of evidence. Eric - Because you cut her off before she could finish her sentence and it seemed a little bit by design. Nicole - Whose side are you on anyway? Eric - I'm on yours but you're playing it as if you something to hide. I mean, all this outrage and protestation. If you could tone it done a few decibels. Brady comes in the room and sees Nicole - What's she doing here? Nicole - Don't play innocent with me. You set me up, you and that sea witch you're shagging. Brady - What is it that I apparently setup? Nicole - You set me up for stealing those files. Hope walks in - So you admit you stole them? Nicole - I didn't admit to anything. She turns to Brady. I know you're angry but how could you do this to me? I have a record, this could be really bad. Brady - I'm aware of that which is why I didn't turn you in. Nicole - No, you had Kristen do it for you.

Kristen is complaining to Stefano that Brady shot down the concept of getting married in secret. Stefano - In secret? I'm going to be polite now and call it your plan, wasn't it your idea to humilate him in front of the church? When you have humilation you have a lot of people. I mean John dumped you in a room filled with people. Kristen - I kind of remember that so I guess I would have found a way to make the private ceremony public. I'm not stupid. Stefano - No but sometimes you get caught up in emotion. This idiot does not even want to marry you. Kristen - I really hate talking to you. Stefano - What I'm doing right now talking to you is not fun either. This is like old times. When you had an idea you would follow through with it and you would never think that the whole thing could possibly blow up in your face. Kristen - Okay, so you don't have any faith in me. What else is new? I don't care because I'm going to get what I want no matter what. She hangs up.

Gabi tells Nick to calm down. Julie is so sorry. Nick - I don't need to calm down. I am calm. I just want to put the whole thing behind me. It never happened. No harm, no foul. He looks at the baby gift. This is beautiful. This is so nice of you. Where did you get this? Lucky us, with the Horton family we're never going to have to buy one thing for this baby. He hugs Gabi.

Sonny and Will sit down at a table. Sonny - You didn't just drop by for coffee. Will wanted to talk to him for a minute. He passes Sonny the key. I just figured I've had it long enough. Sonny - There wasn't a timetable ... Will knows. I moved my stuff out already, there's no reason for me to keep it.

Sami - What happens between EJ and me is none of your business. Rafe - You're right. It's not. He starts walking away but stops. But you know what I do find amazing ... what amazes me ... two weeks ago you were going to dump him for me. Then all a sudden there you go, bam, you jump right back in the sack with him. You couldn't resist, could you? Sami - That's what this is about? You're jealous. Rafe - I'm jealous? Yeah, you wish. Are you kidding me? After the way you treated my sister. I'll tell you something. You can do whatever the hell you want with whoever the hell you want. Sami - Then why are you so upset? Rafe - Because I fell in love with a woman who doesn't exist, that's why. You make me sick. I'll tell you something honestly, I wish I could delete every single memory I have of you.

Segment 3: Kristen is now at the police station. She tells Nicole that she did not call the police on her although she is still thinking of taking legal action against her but not until she talks to Brady. I'm trying to respect the fact that he thinks of you as a friend. Nicole - And when she's done here, she's going to go and collect for UNICEF. Hope returns. I still can't get hold of the first detective on the case but let's be honest here, it really doesn't matter. You all but admitted that you did it. Nicole tells Eric she's scared. Eric has his arm around Nicole's shoulder - I know that this is yours and Kristen's decision but the repercussions of pressing charges could be very devastating; she could go back to prison. Kristen - Obviously she's been distraught and not in control. If she'd thought about this for even a minute she probably wouldn't have done something so stupid. Brady - Are you okay with not pressing charges? Kristen - I guess the last few months have changed her. She's your friend. You must see something in her that I just don't see. Nicole - So can I go. Hope - No you can't because the person who reported the crime still has a say in the matter. Nicole - Who wants to put me back in jail. Victor walks in - Well Nicole, that would be me. (LOL - He pretends to curl his mustache like the villains in the old movies).

Julie - Nick, you're in such a good mood, can I presume that the two of you worked things out with Will? Gabi - He's been very great but not his Mom. Julie - Aw, Sami, so brash, so passionate, so in your face, not unlike the way I used to be long ago. Do you need me to talk to her? Gabi - No, we have everything under control, thank you. Julie - I think it's absolutely wonderful that this baby is going to have 3 loving parents looking out for it. She has errands to do. If you need anything at all, call me. She leaves. Nick looks at the dress - It's hard to believe that this is going to go on our very own baby girl one day. Gabi - When you heard what Julie was saying you were so upset. Nick - I don't want anyone to worry you. Gabi - Then you covered it up. I know you don't want to talk about it, but the stabbing, I think we should talk about it. Nick has a flashback to when he was stabbed in prison. Gabi notices his hands are shaking.

Sonny - You said you got all your stuff but you left that watch that you loved. Will - I left that for you. I know you liked it. I want you to have it. Sonny - Thank you. Will - You're welcome. Besides you're late all the time so you could probably use it more than I could. I was hoping I could run something by you, if that's okay. Sonny - Yeah. Will - I know it's a lot to ask but I was hoping that we could be friends.

Sami - That's a really awful thing to say. Rafe - Right, shouldn't be mean to you. But a scared, pregnant girl - that's no big deal to you. Too fragile to hear the truth, aren't you? Sami - I don't think it is the truth. I think it's something that you chose to say because it was calculated to hurt me. Rafe - Yeah right. Couldn't be anymore true. You know what I've had to deal with, with you? Do you have any idea? All the bull year, after year, after year. Sami - Well I'm sorry about that, I really am 'cause I on the other hand am having a great life now. I did have sex with EJ last night and I'll tell you one thing, it was the best night of my life.

Segment 4: Victor sits down and holds out a bag. Does anyone want some candy? I brought candy. Nicole - You S.O.B. Victor - Oh sit down Nicole. Nobody likes a sore loser. Detective Brady, let me bring you up to speed here on what's going on. When the Titan security team was notified that some files were downloaded from my nincompoop grandson's computer without authorization, we worked backwards and we found that the files had been downloaded from my home at a time and date that Nicole was there. Nicole - You vile, vindicative ... Victor - Now don't take it personally Nicole ... oh good ahead, take it personally. Eric - Hope, is there anything you can do? Hope - I need to speak to Victor alone please. Kristen - What did you do to get on his bad side Nicole? Oh right ... Hope closes the door after the 4 leave. What are you doing? What are you, 5 years old. Victor - I like to think of it as young at heart. Hope - Does it mean nothing to you at all that Nicole stole that file to get Brady away from that woman, from Kristen? Let me remind you that she's a woman that you hate even more than Nicole. Victor - Hmm, do I hate Kristen more than I hate Nicole? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Hope - Wow. So I get to go home and tell Ciara what a jerk grandpa was today. Victor, do not do this. Victor - Oh, I'm not going to press charges. I think she can be very helpful in getting Brady away from that whack job ... Hope - This was all a charade? Victor - Taunting Nicole keeps me young. Hope - Wasting my time makes me a little bit angry. Victor - I'll make up for it, I promise. Hope - Good, I'm going to hold you to it. I know you like to have your fun and I admit, a few more minutes of Nicole's screeching and we might have had a homicide on our hands today.

Sonny - I hope that we'll always be friends. Will - Me too. Sonny - I know things are weird between us but if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm available. Will - Thank you. I appreciate that a lot. Sonyy - I care so much about you. Will - I feel the same way about you. I just want you to be happy even if it's not with me. Cue flashback of them exchanging hugs and I love you's. They both start talking at once. Sonny - You think that we should just be friends. Will - I think that's for the best. My life's been crazy with the baby ... let me show you something. He shows him the sonogram pic. Sonny - She has your nose. Will - I guess so. Is it weird? I'm really starting to get excited about being a dad. Sonny - We're friends now, right. Friends are honest with each other. I really think you need to be careful with Nick and Gabi. I don't trust them.

Gabi takes his hands - I'm sorry I upset you. Nick - I'm sorry. I'm fine. I don't like thinking about the past. I like thinking about you and the baby. Gabi - I understand. I just want you to know that I love you and I want you to share things with me because I'm tougher than I look. Nick - I know I can share things with you but there are things that happened in prison that I had to learn how to get through and put out of my mind like it never happened. It's the only way to survive.

Rafe - There's a new experience, isn't it? You telling the truth; only last time when you talked to EJ and then you lied to me about if for months. Sami - Yeah, I wonder why I did that. I had this crazy notion that you would have no compassion for the fact that I was out of my mind with grief thinking that my son was dead. All you would care about is that I had cheated on you. Rafe - Yeah, poor you. There's no sense having another post-mortem, is there. What we had is dead, it doesn't matter why. Sami - Finally, something we can agree on. Rafe - Unfortunately we can't make it a clean break because of the baby but maybe if you keep up your end of the deal and don't harass my sister we might be okay. Sami - Absolutely as long as Gabi doesn't stop Will from having his rights as a father, I have no problem. Rafe - My sister has no problem whatsoever with Will seeing the baby. Sami - I'm not just talking about Will seeing the baby. Rafe - Then what are you talking about? Sami - I'm talking about Will having equal rights to his own daughter; I'm talking about shared custody. Rafe - You really want to make this child a prize in a custody battle? Sami - No, of course I don't. I don't see any reason why Gabi would keep Will for his own little girl but if she tries you can be sure it will be Gabi in court pleading with Will for a chance to see her daughter. Rafe - As if, she's the mother, okay. If you think that's the case then you're definitely crazier than I thought. Sami - Really, she's the mother? Are you forgetting the fact that the mother is going to marry a convicted felon and a murderer. Not to mention her own crimes whatever they may be. What judge is in his right mind wouldn't give the child to Will?

Segment 5: Rafe - You pull any dirty tricks with my sister or the baby and I will come after you. And by the way, I will be the judge of what's dirty seeing as you have this charming way of justifying just about everything including attempted murder. Sami - Right, since your sister's fiance is a convicted murderer, I'm not exactly quaking in my boots. Rafe - Go to hell. After he walks aways Sami shakes her head - Great, what did I just do?

Will knows he doesn't like them, he understands that but he has to be around Gabi and Nick and he's going to be around them for the rest of his life so he has to deal with that. I think we've worked it out. Gabi has been nothing but great. Sonny - I hope you're right but wasn't working it out a little too easy? Wll - No, because we only want what's best for the baby. Sonny - But Nick and Gabi are teamed up, did you ever think they could be stringing you along? Will - I know you have this thing about Gabi that you can't tell me about ... Sonny - She's not as innocent as you think she is. Forget about what I know about her, what about the fact that they tried to get you to give up the rights to your own child. Over and over they lie and manipulate to get what they want ... Will - I didn't give up the baby for them, I gave up the baby for you.

Kristen and Brady follow Eric and Nicole into the square. Kristen asks Brady to wait just a second. She asks Nicole if they could walk back to the church together; give us a chance to clear the air. Sounds like a good idea to Eric. Kristen tells Brady she'll meet him back at her hotel room. She looks at Eric - Maybe clearing the air would be a good thing all the way around. The ladies leave. Brady is going to leave so Eric thanks him for not pressing charges. Brady - Neither did Kristen. Eric - I appreciate that. Brady - I don't like the way things are between us; I liked them the way they were before. Eric - I did too. Brady - But it's never going to be that way again, right, as long as I'm with Kristen.

Kristen follows Nicole into the rectory. Nicole is not up to another fight. Kristen suggests calling a truce. That whole thing with the Titan documents kind of defanged you, so there's no need for active warfare. If you mind your manners, if you don't, I will destroy you, I think I can be civil with you. Maybe someday we could even be friends. We have a lot in common. We're both smart, ambitious, gorgeous, tall but I do respect the way you went after me, decent plan. Nicole - Yeah, it really should have worked. Kristen - You're kind of off your game and after today I can certainly understand why. Nicole - What is that supposed to mean? Kristen - How about working shoulder to shoulder with that hunk in a little turnaround collar. Do you know how to spell forbidden fruit?

Segment 6: Victor wants Hope to do one more thing for him before he leaves. Tell me what's really going on with Bo. Hope claims she doesn't know what he means. Vic - We both know he wouldn't be away from you and Ciara for this long without a very good reason. She kisses his cheek - It's always so good to see you Victor.

Kristen did her homework. You and Eric were involved. Nicole - Ages ago. We're just friends now. Kristen - I'd work hard to keep it that way. Take it from someone who knows, you don't want to fall in love with a priest. That makes married men look like a walk in the park. She leaves.

Rafe knocks on the door to Gabi's room. She tells him to come in. She asks him what's wrong. Why are you back so soon? Rafe - I just talked to Sami. And I don't want to scare you but I think there's going to be trouble ahead for you and the baby.

Sami stomps into the square muttering - stupid, stupid, stupid. Look up tipping your hand in the dictionary and there's my picture. I have to do some damage control. I'll start with Will. She sends him a text to meet her at her place.

Nick walks up to the door of the coffeehouse and sees Sonny and Will together. Sonny - You were going to give up your baby for me? Will - Yes. I thought if you knew I was having a baby I'd lose you which I did. So it wasn't Nick or Gabi, it was me. Sonny - You said you were doing what's right for the baby. Will - I did say that but I think deep down I felt that I couldn't have you and the baby so I chose you. I chose you over my own kid which is messed up but that's how much I love you. I was really selfish. Sonny covers his hand (Nick takes off) - I'm so sorry, if I had known ... Will - You couldn't know because I didn't say anything. I screwed up everything and now it's too lae. He gets up and leaves.

Segment 7: Brady and Kristen are back in her room. She tells him that she and Nicole called a truce. It did hit me that she was in pain and I know she was looking out for you so ... Brady - You are truly not the tough chick people think you are. He tells her she was great agreeing not to press charges, this truce thing - you went above and beyond. Kristen - I don't want you to lose one more person in your life because of me. Brady is going to have to figure out something special to reward her with.

Eric returns to the rectory and asks how things went with Kristen. Fine, she was actually really nice. Thanks to Victor I really have a lot of work to do so I don't have time to talk. Eric - Okay, what's next? Nicole - No offence but things would go a lot faster if I do them myself. He grabs her hand - Would you tell me why you're pushing me away like this?

Rafe - So I think Sami's going to push for some sort of mutual custody agreement. Gabi - We've already talked about this. Nick and I are going to raise the baby and Will can see her whenever he wants and Will's on board. We're getting along great. Rafe - Sis, we're talking about Sami here. Sami Brady, she can get Will to do whatever she wants, whatever she thinks is right. Nick comes up outside the door and hears Rafe say - I wouldn't put it past Sami to take you to Family Court once the baby is born and not just for partial custody, maybe even for full custody. Gabi - No, I am the mother of this baby. The court's not going to take the baby away from it's mother. Rafe - Let me tell you exactly what Sami said. The court may take issue with you being married to a murderer. Gabi - OMG. No.

Will comes into Sami's apt. He shows her the sonogram. I got to feel it kick. Sami - I can see by the look on your face that you love her already. Will - Yeah, this kind of makes it real in a good way. Sami - Good. I know you think the baby isn't coming for a long time but it's going to happen soon and I really think you should contact that lawyer that EJ recommended. Will - Why? Sami - Because I think that you need to insist that Gabi get a paternity test immediately.
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