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Feb 7 2013, 07:16 AM
Feb 7 2013, 01:25 AM
I find it funny how everyone thinks Rafe is the shit now that he's not with Sami and now Ej sucks cause he is.
idk, i think it's still the same ppl who like Rafe liked Rafe before, and those who liked EJ before still like EJ. That is besides the people who like everyone better when they aren't chained to Samil.
I am not a Rafe fan but, I think he has been a pretty decent guy to Sami throughout most of their relationhsip, and I appreciate anyone that does not put up with any of Sami's nonsense. I for one thought Rafe had forgiven her too easily and quickly for having cheated on him with EJ of all people.

I loved the period when Will was giving her a piece of his mind and wouldn't let up. It was great, I was one hundred percent on Will's side and it is the same with Rafe. Afterall, what exactly did Rafe do to her that was so wrong that she moved on with Rafe's enemy in no time, without even giving Rafe a second thought; All Rafe did was defend his sister.

I normally love EJ, but I certainly do not like the way they are writing him. They have him sucking up to Sami. That is all he has been doing, in order to get what he wants. The fact that he wants her of all people makes me think little of him. After having seen the way she treated Lucas, and having watched her bouncing from EJ to Rafe, she then makes a decision. She chooses Rafe, and she would have been with Rafe if Rafe did not dare to disagree with her at the way she was treating his sister. and EJ knows that. So I now have more respect for Rafe than I do for EJ.

I hate EJami, I have to fast forward their scenes, but I am hoping that Rafe does not soften towards her, and continue to put his foot down, because she has not done anything to deserve anyone's respect. She has certainly disrespected Rafe time and time again.

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