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Miss Rhi
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Feb 7 2013, 07:05 AM
If John were a vampire wouldn't his skin burn in the light?
There's a person offering to answer PC related questions on SC and someone asked about the vampires on the show and sunlight. This was that person's answer.

Port Charles Vampire Lore:
Sunlight, Crosses, Garlic and Holy Water did not effect the Vampires
The Vampires did have reflection
Vampires could only be killed by a stake to the heart, if killed by another way they were susceptible to return back to physical form using hate, discord and chaos from people.
Once turned into a vampire as long as you do not feed and kill a human being you can be turned back into human with the death of your maker
Vampires could not feed on their blood relatives or on Slayers/Hunters
Caleb possessed a ring that granted him a lot of special abilities only given to him but even without the ring he was pretty powerful
Caleb developed a special water that allowed vampires to resist the urge to feed to allow them to hide among society without killing people and causing attention on them. This Special water came from a fountain that when a vampire is fully submerged and Caleb's spell that was engraved in his music was played could turn them back into humans regardless if they feed or killed a person or not
If a Hunter/Vampire had sex it suppressed the vampires urge to feed.
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