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just joey

Feb 7 2013, 03:27 AM
Feb 6 2013, 02:11 PM
NE Spoilers wk 2/18

Liam confesses to Rick why he has problems making decisions

Brooke plays wedding planner for an unsuspecting couple

Oliver tells Hope that he still harbors feelings for her

Steffy rushes to prevent a love one from making a disastrous decision

Eric attempts to get Rick and Thomas to make nice

via jcren

Episode Titles and Previews

2/18, No Information

2/19, Steffy hears her baby's heartbeat; Liam and Hope are shocked when they arrive at the Spencer cliff house.
Brooke, what are you doing????? Someone have to stop her, please!!!!!!!!
Probably Brookes handy work. RE-enacting a Wedding " NOT so suttle hint". :puke: And what is LIAM & Hoepe heading for the "Spencer" cliff house for"? Did he already choose that :flipoff: :blah: :blah: :blah: SKUZZ Bucket Hoe bag HOEpe? Must be Steffy sees all of the wedding PREPS done by slutty BROOKE, & that she's been told that LIAM & HOEPE are getting married. Either way " NO Matter " how long this insane Triangle goes on for " STEFFY" WILL COME OUT THE " VICTORIOUS WINNER"!! With or with out Liam. She has her BABY"!!!!!!! And LIAM WILL have to "DEAL" with the baby that he chose, HOE BAG HOEPE"!!!! :moon: :cheer: :spank:
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