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I must be watching a different show than some. Will was always worried about losing Sonny if he find out about the baby. Nick and Gabi reminded him time and again that he's lose Sonny if he told the truth. So yes, that was the main reason along with thinking the baby was better off without him in the child's life. It wasn't a guild trip at all. Will finally told Sonny the truth. Right about now Sonny has no room to talk with the secret he's keeping from Will. And I have a feeling it's not coming out any time based on spoilers I've seen.

I enjoyed Will yesterday. He acted mature about the situation letting Sonny go, not because he wants to but because he thinks Sonny is better off without him and has already moved on.

But obviously Sonny was ready to tell Will he wants to work this out. I thought the hand hold was very swoon worthy.
I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder. I saw shell-shocked Will say over and over he wanted to support Gabi and do what was right for the baby from moment one. But, you make a good point in that the very idea that he would lose Sonny over the baby was generated and promoted by Nick and Gabi over and over and over. Every time Will wanted to tell the truth, they something to the effect of "of course you can, we're not trying to stop you but you'll lose Sonny." In the beginning, before Nick's secret plan, Will expressed that this would make it difficult but not that he would lose Sonny. Should Will have let them get away with it? Of course not, but it's fundamentally immortal to expect a person to give up the rights of their child without counseling and legal protection for everyone, especially the child. But Nick said over and over that this has to be a secret, even though any sane person in that situation would have gone to a family lawyer ASAP - and it all could have been handled discreetly.

But the show I was watching also had Will saying over and over again, he didn't want his child to grow up in a broken home. You saw him looking at Johnny and EJ together sadly, and thinking about being a pawn in the war between his parents. He brought up the broken home issue way before the Sonny issue. If the show now wants to retcon that as being all about Sonny, even though Will has been portrayed by being scarred by his childhood from day one and he's only known Sonny for less than two years, his broken childhood was apparently the excuse he was using? Apparently, that's what this week's writers have decided, but it certainly wasn't the show I was watching.
Will was worried he would lose Sonny, I have no doubt. But in the beginning, he actually was angry when Nick suggested that he he keep this from Sonny. I don't think that was really even a consideration until Nick kept telling him not to say anything. At first, it was just for one day, and Will agreed. In the beginning, I don't think we ever saw Will thinking "oh my God, I can't tell Sonny", I think he was worried about it, but I think he would have,had Nick not butted in. Mostly I saw him worried about this baby being raised by two parents, not being shuffled back and forth. But I think what he told EJ was the truth, in that he saw an out...and didn't have to tell Sonny or anyone else and he took it. But I don't think that was his primary motivation, or that isn't how it played out to me.
Also, from a character point of view - Will shot EJ because he didn't want his nuclear family, which was finally together, broken up by EJ. He was thrilled when his parents finally got together, heartbroken when they split. I just don't buy/like that "broken home" was the excuse he used because he was afraid of losing a new love/relationship. Yes, Sonny is his first love, but it's far more plausible that Will would worry obsessively about his child not being at the center of a custody battle and have two parents always fighting.

Again, I heard the dialogue yesterday, and I know what Will said, but I thought it was piss poor writing, unless it's revealed that Will was just feeling sorry for himself and guilt-tripping Sonny, which I would buy from the son of Sami Brady.

in 2007 one of the reasons people think shot ej will dialog to sami something like this you married the guy that rape you and you want us to stand and watch

and we all the bad stuff ej done to will family in 2007 i found it lame they tried that only reason will want to shot ej Will because he didn't want his nuclear family, which was finally together, broken up by EJ.he it could one of the reasons i was one of the biggest supporters of the idea will shot ej becuase lucas could not be the shooter so the only way lucas will confess in something if he think someone he loves did that
the writers choice to whitewash ej crimes made will look like fool he shot ej because he spilt his family especially last year he did not seem to his parents together while prefer rafe or ej for his mom
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