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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Alison's dead!! Where is Rafe Kovich? As much as I am digging the Port Charles revisited TPTB were stupid not to bring back Rafe (Brian Gaskill) to reprise his role and be there for Rafe Jr. So what that he is Caleb's kid, Lucy said Rafe loved him and now when he needs him TPTB have not even thought to bring back The Angel Rafe. What the hell are they thinking? With the new mystery "Who killed Alison Barrington" (if she married Rafe shouldn't she be Alison Kovich?) John will become a suspect in Alison's death since he looks so much like Caleb thanks to Rafe Jr. From what I am being told the writers want the viewers to question whether or not vampires could be real or just a some crazy woman's imagination. When this arc ends it is supposed to leave the viewers with answers to some of the questions but also raise new ones. And alot has to do with what is going on with PP and ABCD........With talk of another Quartermaine heir out there, I don't know how many of you remember back in 2009 when Franco and Carly met up at the Christmas tree store and Carly had Joss in her arms and they were arguing about who would buy a specific tree. During that conversation Franco mentioned he had a daughter named Lauren. Yes that is the how the story went back then, don't remember? Go to: If Ron follows through with this story it will complicate the ELQ story, no surprise there.......Now that Duke has been hired by AJ to work for ELQ how will that effect Tracy? Don't count Ms Quartermaine out just yet, Duke will be very helpful to Tracy since he has the associations that could help her. And then we have Luke who will blackmail Carly for the information about another heir.....We had the tale of 2 Todd's, then we had the 2 Dukes, so now will there be the tale of 2 Q's? This story is planned long term so don't expect it to wrap up soon.....As we all know Ron is all about past stories and with Laura coming he is bringing back one that old time viewers are sure to love, "The Ice Princess" revisited...... Same goes for Frisco. Just remember a revisit is not a duplication of an old story it is an exploration of old events and how they effect the present as this will be the case upon Frisco's return. We all remember Maxie's heart transplant when Mac went looking for Frisco. Felicia and Maxie's problems were discussed recently and mother and daughter healed. Now it's time for Frisco/Maxie/Felicia to do the same. Just look at the similarities: Maxie faces a crisis, Frisco returns to help, Maxie is choosing to give up her child as did Frisco allowing Mac to raise his children. Frisco and Felicia make amends which triggers the Mac/Felicia/Frisco triangle revisit. And in the end a Maxie and Spinelli goal. This is RC's way to engage in a recognizable plot, throwing many many complications in true love's way for a couple to overcome.....What if Kevin really was Ryan

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