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I liked the start of Season 2 of Vancouver.

Like Drew said, Jodi was horrid. Everything about her and Mia is played up for the camera. At least the other girls try to make it look a bit more realistic. With Jodi it looks so scripted.

I was getting sick and tired of hearing about Ronnie almost losing her child. Bitch is milking that shit.

Mary was okay. I hope she wipes the floor clean with Jodi/Ronnie this season.

As for the new ladies, I don't mind them. Don't care much for Amanda. She seems so out of place compared to the other women. Iouna, I think that's how you spell it, looks like a promising housewife. Her husband seems gay though. I still don't know about Robin. She seems really fake, but I loved what I saw from her in the season preview.
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