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Recap Section (rest of this week)

- Carly claims responsibility for Todd's empty safe.
- Todd begs Carly to skip town with him.
- Carly is forced to tell Luke about Franco's daughter, Lauren.

- Connie claims that Kristina is innocent which leads to Kristina being sentenced to community service.
- Connie tells Michael that Sonny was not the one that gave her the ELQ info. Sonny is moved. Michael doesn't know what to think.
- Shawn and Sonny figure out that Tracy was the ELQ snitch, but Sonny keeps it to himself because of Connie.
- Connie's quick thinking manages to save Tracy when she's arrested for her SEC violations.

- Rafe tells John that his mother's killer was wearing a distinctive ring.
- "John" returns wearing the ring. It's Caleb!
- Lucy points a gun at Anna and demands to see Rafe.
- Caleb and a cop free Rafe from his cell.
- Anna disarms Lucy.
- Anna watches surveillance footage and sees Rafe leaving with "John".
- Caleb and the cop reenact the murder scene on the pier. Caleb kills the cop and reveals his true identity to Rafe.
- Rafe escapes.

- Luke tells Tracy about Lauren, but Tracy needs more to save ELQ (she needs cash!)
- Duke tells AJ and Michael that he failed to get ELQ's assets unfrozen.
- Duke digs up a piece of ELQ history that may prove to be ELQ's salvation. Tracy gets the same idea.

What Will Happen (Wk of 2/11)

- Lucy and John come face to face.
- Carly and Starr bond over Todd.
- Sam makes a horrifying discovery during her efforts to clear John.

Source: SNS
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