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Feb 6 2013, 02:18 PM
And you want to talk about someone dying to stay relevant? Brandi is digging and digging and digging to start shit with Adrienne to be a part of this show. So Adrienne planned to go after Lisa with the other ladies (Why is no one bringing up Kyle and Taylor's part in all of this?), and tried to push Brandi to join them. Brandi chose not to, so Adrienne probably got mad. Nothing was said about Brandi in the media at the time of the reunion. So how did Adrienne try to ruin her life exactly, and deserve all this hatred coming her way? Which leads me to believe Brandi only went after Adrienne to prove herself loyal to Lisa, and then when Adrienne (and her people) snapped back, then Brandi had actual reasons to hate Adrienne.
I think you're right about Brandi when it comes to the Adrienne situation, but I think she's motivated by fear more than anything Adrienne's done so far.

And, seeing how Adrienne's used the media the past few months...I think she's right to be terrified and seek protection by proving loyalty to Lisa (who, before Yolanda, would have been the wealthiest and potentially most powerful of the full-time HWs). I sure wouldn't want to be on Adrienne's bad side without serious support. She's a frickin' master, it's kind of amazing.

I'm so ready for a HW mash-up series. A blend of the BH and ATL women could be a lot of fun. I'm also curious about Vancouver. I'll have to find it online.
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