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I forgot that I used to actually like watching Michael Easton. Caleb's been fun to "see" again. I'm really confused though about whether he's real or not. I quite enjoyed Wednesday's ending with him appearing before Lucy.

LMAO @ Todd, Heather and Lucy and Wyndemere. Heather and Lucy are a lot of fun too.

Enjoyed Todd's scenes with Starr and Carly. I will miss his and Carly's relationship. I can't believe how much I even like Carly now. Also, I'm glad they pointed out she still didn't like McBain, because I remember posters saying they were surprised she sat by him and acted friendly with him at Todd's trial. Though I really think it was just "them" against the "enemy" (Todd) and thought nothing of it.

Dayum, they just went full force with Kawny's redemption, didn't they? I suppose I'll roll with it because I really don't care if Kate comes back now, to me, Kelly Sullivan is more Connie than Kate anyway so I say just lose Kate and keep Connie. I'm finally tolerating her (when the writing is consistent for her) so I can't take another round of a billion times where she goes back and forth. Watch, Connie falls for Sonny and then Kate comes out. Ugh. Wonder if Ron would do that? Probably. Seems like he would to prolong this crap as Mo and Kelly aren't going anywhere and what else is left for them besides the inevitable Brenda/Carly spoiler (whoever they choose to decide Sonny belongs with more).

I really do tolerate Luke with Tracy but I have to say I'm glad they aren't romantically involved. I also much prefer Luke away from Anna.

Speaking of Anna ... lmao at Lucy! I can't believe she knocked that officer out and took his gun as Anna walked up.

But um, WTF. TWO DAYS and no scenes with Frisco and Maxie? WTF. Seriously. I get it was likely taped out of order, inserted later or whatever, but they really couldn't have tried to make it um ... continue? Somehow? So weird. I hate that.
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