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At the end of today's episode Caleb definitely seemed more human than in Lucy's dream. He was pretty much just a darker McBain. Probably has more personality too. If they're trying to make Caleb a viable character though, why do they have him murdering everyone to get his son? How can he keep existing in Port Charles after what he has done?

I'm pissed that the Quartermaine heir is Franco's stupid ass daughter. I always thought they might undo Franco being a Q. Now I'm wondering if Britt is Franco's daughter. There were rumors that she was Faison's daughter, but kinda thinking she's Franco's now. Kelly Thiebaud is only 7 or 8 years younger than James Franco, but he's never coming back after JFP's ouster so it doesn't matter. Also once SJB was gone as Claudia they made Johnny her son and he is only 3 or 4 years younger so it doesn't matter. The other scenario would be if they cast a strong actress as Lauren then I might accept it.

I keep hearing there end up being two miss heirs so I would love it if someone gets Franco's daughter Lauren to break the tie for ELQ and it turns out that she and Franco were never truly Quartermaine's so the other Q heir is the true tiebreaker. I don't like making Franco so important or even letting him have a role on the show. Franco sucks.
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