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Nick is so clever. He means every last word he says ... he just doesn't meant it the way Will andGabi thinks he means it though.

And when Will loses all parental rights to his child the blame will rest squarely on Sami and EJ's shoulders. These two are going to be the reason Will loses custody of his child.

While I understand why Jen's doing what she's doing I still see it as stupid, stupid, stupid!

I'm just not feeling it between Eric and Nicole. I hate to see her wringing her hands over another relationship that's doomed to fail ... she deserves better than that!
Im confused how Ejami tell Will he should get a paternity test so that he could be legally seen as the baby father will cause Will to lose the baby. Its smart thing to do and that way like they said his name would be on the birth certificate.
Because some people are speculating that Nick is going to rig the paternity test so that it says that Will is not the baby's father (an opportunity that he would not have had if Sami and E.J. hadn't encouraged Will to get said paternity test done in the first place).

This seems far-fetched at the moment for a number of reasons -- in addition to the fact that Sami and E.J. are aware that Nick has a history of falsifying paternity tests and should therefore not be trusted around paternity tests ever, there's also the fact that Gabi knows that Will is the only person who could possibly be the father of her baby -- but any number of things could happen before the storyline gets to that point, so if the speculation turns out to be correct, perhaps it won't seem as far-fetched in the end.

I have no doubt that Nick will consider taking that approach, but the idea of it actually working seems laughable at the moment...to me, at least.
But even if that happens and Nick does forge the test it still would not be on EJ and Sami's shoulders that Will would lose custody of his daughter. It would be Nick's fault. :shrug:
I don't disagree -- I was just trying to explain the reasoning that was being questioned earlier.

As much as I hate E.J., and really hate seeing Will and E.J. in scenes together, the advice that he and Sami gave Will today about establishing the baby's paternity was sound advice, especially since Will is gay (which unfortunately gives close-minded people a reason to doubt that he could have slept with Gabi) and Gabi is not only planning to marry another man, but also has a history of betraying her friends. How Nick chooses to respond to Will's request for a paternity test is on Nick (and Gabi, if she agrees to go along with it). Not even I would blame E.J. for that, and I relish the opportunity to blame E.J. for everything that I can logically blame him for.
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