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How is this paternity test conflict a fair fight? Even if Rafe convinces Nicole and Daniel to side with him, it would be Nick\Gabi\Rafe\Nicole\Daniel\Julie\Maggie vs. Will\EJ\Sami\Lucas\Kate\Marlena\Caroline with Sonny\Adrienne\Justin\Victor\Kristen\Stefano sitting on the sidelines waiting to be called in if necessary. Sure, each side may win a battle along the way; but Team Will's bench is much deeper and it features some of Salem's paternity test all stars. This war should be a slaughter.
Yes, but Team Will is filled with people that don't like each other. Kate and Sami hate each other and while I believe they would both be on Will's side, it doesn't mean they will get along. EJ and Lucas hate each other and Sami and Lucas don't see eye to eye on everything. Team Will has a much, much great change of self-implosion because they will all be trying to undermine each other in the process of helping Will. And while Marlena and Caroline are good team members, they aren't likely to put up the rest of the team's shenanigans.

Team Will is like a high priced sports team full of all star free agents. It looks on stoppable on paper, but they can never find the team chemistry and end up imploding from the weight.
Who says Victor's on Will's side? Wouldn't it be more likely he'd side with Maggie, whatever side she ends up on and presumably Nick's?

And no way Kristen would side with Marlena on anything. If she realizes team Nick hurts Marlena she'll join them asap.

But I do agree with your assessment of their self-implosion possibility.
Yeah, but you forget that Brady will most likely be "Team Will" and let's face it, even though Chad absolutely despises Gabi I'm sure he'll be on Will's side as well.

kristen siding with Nick would just put her into the doghouse.
Maybe she would side with Nick in private but publicly support Will
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