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I was the biggest basher of this vampire storyline when it first came up, but now I am loving it. Man, I have never been a fan of John McBain, but after the two Caleb scenes today I get what all the fuss is about. I am so into this storyline all of a sudden, and I was so vehemently hating it that I don't know what to do with myself.

I'm back on team Tarly. Such a sweet scene today; I wanted her to want to go with him. :wub2:

I have no shame: Connie is growing on me. I do NOT want her back in Sonny's orbit, but her scenes with Tracy are so fun to watch. I'm excited about tomorrow!

As for other story lines that weren't on today:

Dante and Lulu are sweet, though I much prefer Maxie/Lulu scenes. Spinelli needs to go away now. Starr grates on my every last nerve and makes me like Michael a little less because he's always with her (though I will admit to enjoying her scene with Todd yesterday). Britt going postal is fun, as long as she stays sane while being an evil bitch. I'm scared for Sabrina. :scared: I always love Maxie, but I'm still not feeling very sympathetic about her not telling Lulu or Dante about whose baby she's carrying. I never watched when Frisco was on the show, but I could feel the chemistry between Felicia and Frisco immediately and, plus, I loved all the snark whizzing around the room. Good scenes.
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