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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepnot the baby's father (an opportunity that he would not have had if Sami and E.J. hadn't encouraged Will to get said paternity test done in the first place).

This seems far-fetched at the moment for a number of reasons -- in addition to the fact that Sami and E.J. are aware that Nick has a history of falsifying paternity tests and should therefore not be trusted around paternity tests ever, there's also the fact that Gabi knows that Will is the only person who could possibly be the father of her baby -- but any number of things could happen before the storyline gets to that point, so if the speculation turns out to be correct, perhaps it won't seem as far-fetched in the end.

I have no doubt that Nick will consider
Sure. But my personal theory is that the way Nick gets Gabi to go along with his plan (which she has to in order to make it work) is by convicing her that Will intends to take the baby away from her. And, to do that, he'll use Sami's conduct (and Everett's if he's actually doing anything at that point) as proof.

Given how Sami has acted from day one and Nick's ability to manipulate Gabi, I don't think it's really that far-fetched to believe that he could convince her that this is the only way for them not to lose the baby.

So, in that sense, Sami (and possibly Everett) would be responsible in that if they had not done whatever it is that I figure they will do to make things worse, Gabi wouldn't have been talked into going against Will like this. And I sincerely hope this all happens because if I have to put up with this Sami, then I at least want to see her make things worse because of her behavior.

As for Salem paternity tests, of course no one would believe one in the real world. But, as has been said often, Salem ain't the real world and it would be boring if they all suddenly figured out that paternity tests can be rigged.
I would argue it's incredibly dull for a show that has used that plot device so many times that most every principle character has been the victim of a rigged paternity test, that the the writers might consider going somewhere different with a story.
I agree with Honeybees, as usual. I hope that they don't go the fake paternity test route again.

As for the rest...I understand why some people are suggesting that Sami and E.J. should be held accountable, but I don't agree with that logic. If all of this speculation actually ends up being true, the blame is still ultimately on Nick and Gabi's shoulders. Nick has been trying to get the baby away from Will since the moment that he learned that Will was the father -- it never had anything to do with Sami's hysterics. If Sami had never suggested the paternity test, Nick would have simply used some other trick to get the baby away from Will.

And while Nick obviously doesn't care about hurting Will, Gabi should know that Sami's behavior doesn't matter, since Will has never indicated that he was going to try to take the baby away from her. If she allows Nick to manipulate her, that's her fault -- Sami can't be blamed simply because she opened the door. To use a purposely bad analogy, even if Sami left the door hanging wide open, Nick and Gabi would still be responsible for choosing to steal everything.

To me, this is like saying that Will should blame himself for trusting Gabi in the first place. It's not his fault if she decides to take that trust and stab him in the back with it.
Yes, but you're talking logically, and I'm talking about soapy drama. Of course it will be Nick's fault. But that's boring. Jack raping Kayla was Jack's fault, but half the emotional stakes in that story were about Steve playing God with Jack and Kayla's lives and Kayla not leaving Jack immediately after she reunited with Steve. Steve and Kayla had good reasons (at least in their minds) for their choices, but all the good intentions in the world doesn't mean that those decisions didn't play a part in everything that happened later.

Exploring how different decisions lead to unexpected consequences doesn't mean that the person who does the bad thing isn't at fault. Regardless of how it happens, Nick is at fault (if this all happens). But, having other people play a role in influencing things just adds layers and complexities and different emotional fallouts to the whole thing. At least, IMO.
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