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Feb 7 2013, 07:56 PM
Feb 7 2013, 07:31 PM
The latest issue of SOD has an article Kate and Rafe. At the beginning of the week, Kate hears from Stefano. Kate isnít happy with Stefanoís detached demeanor, and some harsh words are exchanged. This is the tipping point for Kate, and she goes out drinking.

Rafe ends up joining her at the bar. He is angry over Samiís treatment of Gabi. The two of them begin discussing the baby thatís coming. Kate considers Gabi family now that she is carrying her grandsonís baby, and she is understanding of what Gabi is going through. They continue to drink, and are soon saying things to one another they wouldnít normally say. According to Lauren Koslow, ďKate also thinks that Rafe is obviously a very hot, sex guy. A chemical thing happens and it turns intimate.Ē

Kate wakes up in Rafeís bed the next day. They agree it was a drunken mistake, but then they have sex again.

For all the details, pick up the latest SOD.
So, the monkey paw finally took on that Elope scenario.
No. This is the monkey paw to Ejate and Kady. Six and I are in mourning.
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