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Feb 7 2013, 08:23 PM
Feb 7 2013, 07:45 PM
A ring would have been better than an mp3 player, but I'm still hoping that the rings from the JustMensRings.com press release will come into play soon enough. (I'm assuming that two of the rings will be for Will and Sonny.)

Now I can't wait to see what Sonny finds the following week, since it seems like that might be what causes him to realize that he still wants to be with Will. My first instinct is that he finds one of two things:

- a letter that Will wrote weeks before the wedding but ultimately decided not to give to Sonny. The letter reveals that Will is the father of Gabi's baby, leading Sonny to realize just how much it had been killing Will to keep that information from him.

- something that makes Sonny realize that Will believes that Sonny and Brian have slept together, leading Sonny to realize that Brian's a jerk.
Yeah but didn't the article indicate all of the rings would be shown on one single episode? If so that counts Wilson out of being involved in one of the 5 rings since the gift for this episode is an MP3 player. But hey that was probably more money than the $30 promise ring on that ring website :lol: .
The press release implied that it would be one episode -- "an upcoming episode", singular -- but we could just be reading too much into that. Also, it never stated when those rings would appear, so we don't know for certain that they're going to be featured in the Valentine's Day episode.
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