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I have a quick question - if there is a post with perhas 6 items listed on it and I like one of those items, and I like the post, will that then give a vote to all 6 items? I assume yes, and in any case it's not a problem with me, just curious. I hope tallying from this thread doesn't get to be a big pain, especially as I went through and hit "like" on multiple posts talking about the same moment. If that's a problem I can go back and unlike some posts.

Anyway, I'm still deciding what counts as "schmoop" for Jack and Jennifer. I actually really don't love a lot of the 2003 stuff because it's just too saccharine for me (I like it because it's them, and the idea counts, and I like the chemistry, but I don't adore a lot of it), so I'll have to go and think of what's appropriate for this thread. Not to turn this into a semantics debate about "schmoop" though.

Want to give a nod to Bope's wedding vows and John & Marlena's pier reunion. Those are pretty iconic DAYS ROMANCE moments to me, complete with unadulterated earnest outpouring of the kind of love that makes you think you can climb mountains and swim oceans and defeat evil scientists and save England, etc.

I love Doug and Julie's green dress "Most Beautiful Girl in the World" dance, even if I've only ever seen it on Youtube.
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