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Feb 8 2013, 12:39 AM
Feb 7 2013, 08:33 PM
I like the angst, classic misunderstanding. I'd kind of like it if Sonny really did sleep with Brian, even though I want Will as endgame. Sonny is single and Brian is hot and into him. People sleep with people they aren't in love with all the time, and Sonny has said he's slept with guys he didn't care about that much since getting to Salem.
It could make Sonny an unsympathetic character, and when has Sonny ever been unsympathetic? I guess they could have done a 'I'll show him' thing, and have Sonny jump right into bed with another man.

Hey, that reminds me, why isn't Sonny questioning Will's jumping into bed with Gabi? Sonny seems to get really bent out of shape at the slightest hint of Will's (possible) self-loathing. Remember, Will didn't want to sleep with Sonny, which meant that he still hadn't accepted his homosexuality. :logic:

They should have made Brian straight and paired him up with Abby.

Oh, no you didn't! :toetap:
That's a good question. Has anyone really questioned Will about what happened with Gabi? I'm glad no one's questioned his sexuality, but it is kind of weird that no one has even mildly said to either Will or Gabi, "Umm...what were you thinking?!" Maybe someone has said it and I missed it? I know Will told Lucas that he kept it a secret so he wouldn't question his sexuality, but that was a bit different.
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