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SNS Feb 18-22

Brooke taking matters into her own hands, sets out to reunite Liam and Hope.

Steffy hears her baby's heartbeat as Liam and Hope recieves a shock when they arrive at the Spencer cliff house.

Hope shows Liam how committed she is to him as Taylor and Steffy learn of Liam and Hope's surprise elopement.

Desperate to stop Liam from marrying Hope, Steffy and Taylor reveal the truth about the pregnancy.

A shocked Liam is left with an even more difficult decision to make.

Meanwhile, Oliver comforts Hope and admits he still has feelings for her.

Caroline shows her selfish side and abandons Rick during their date.

Rick's evening later improves when a new woman charms him.

Eric attempts to get Rick and Thomas to make nice.

Brooke blabs to Donna about Eric and Taylor.

Maya displays a talent she's been hiding for a long time.

COMING: Whatever Liam decides means heartbreak for someone.
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