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I`m for any story that`ll move rafe out of sami`s orbit. He deserves better than sami and junior is more than welcome to her.
As for rafe/kate that is a complete shocker! I`d thought it`d be chloe. But its gonna be interesting for this to play out. I will be watching this scene. And screw samanther`s reaction. The show has been based on her reactions for too long. Time for the writers to realize that a lucas or rafe story shouldn`t be dependent on if they`re with sami or not. Sami ain`t all that and she has never been, IMO.
So go rafe! The only reaction I do want to see is lucas`s! Can only imagine his snarky comments, lol. I doubt that kate/rafe are long term. And hopefully new love interests will come on for rafe and lucas.
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