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Feb 8 2013, 11:27 AM
At this point, I think a paternity switch would be stupid. Gabi's doctor (and others, thanks to Chad) know that Gabi got pregnant before Nick got out of prison. Also, if these people are going to trust a paternity test where Nick is involved...come on. I don't want everyone to be dumbed down to Brady levels.
Yes, but I don't think they are going to change the test to make Nick the father. As you point out, that would be dumb. But Nick doesn't have to be the father to make this work, it just has to not be Will. And since the only DNA test will be Will and the baby, they just have to have a story.

So, assuming Gabi's role in Melanie's kidnapping comes out before the paternity switch (even if it is just Will and Sami learning the whole story) then it would be easy for Nick and Gabi to say the baby was Andrew's. That was what Chad suspected anyway and there would already be an established connection. When Rafe/Will/etc. ask why she lied, she can just say she knew Nick was the father and knew that if she said it was Andrew the truth about Melanie would come out. So she pointed the finger at Will because they had sex in the right timeframe.

It's a story that everyone would believe because it actually makes sense. As for the DNA test, it's already well established that nobody in Salem questions a DNA result even if they should. It's one of those things, like the bad guy never going to jail, that is just a Salem fact. Hopefully, they'll be smart enough to give a story that is at least semi-plausible.

and, as I've said before, I like that it is escalating paranoia on both sides that leads to this. I would love the ultimate lesson to have been that if Sami, Rafe, et. al. would have just kept their noses out of things, Gabi and Will would have probably worked it out -- even with Nick's asshatedness.
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