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My son is not a homersexual.

Don't you remember Brian starting crap before all this happened? He was always looking for trouble AND he is the reason why Will hopped into bed with Gabi, the reason why he now has a kid, and the reason his relationship with Sonny is over. Will witnessed Sonny and Brian's flirtation in the coffeehouse. That's when he ran to Gabi. It's interesting how Brian fits into so much of this, and now he's taunting Will. I know Wilson weren't official when Will witnesses the nose foam scene, but he was hinting around prior that Will was into Sonny, and was obviously mocking the very notion of the two of them ever being together. Brian has now taken advantage of Sonny's current situation, so it's not as if he's this caring individual. He's taunting Will to claim victory. He's vile. Hot, but vile. Hot, tall, but vile. Wait, what were we talking about? Oh right, the hot guy.
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