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Feb 8 2013, 11:44 AM
Feb 8 2013, 11:26 AM
Excellent points. EJ and Sami, OTOH, are experts at predicting the schemes that the other side may come up with, because the two of them have done just about everything. Lucas should be just as wary, but so far he's advocating not rocking the boat...it will be interesting to see if his attitude changes. I continue to be amazed at how much I'm enjoying the umbrella facet of this story, because I originally thought it was one of the lamest, most predictable things they could write.
Sure, they may predict the other side's actions, but they have two things going against them. First, Sami at least is expecting Gabi to act like Sami which Gabi (thus far) has not and, therefore, instead of anticipating moves, Sami is actually causing them. Second, Sami (and EJ) have a long history of having their plans blow up in their faces. I love that ultimately they are making things worse, not better.
The problem with Sami is that she is so ruled by her emotions. Yes, she has a definite evil streak that allows her to be a more sinister plotter than say somebody like Will, but she also gets angry, projects, overreacts, etc. and all of these emotions make her much less effective in the end.

I'm actually very curious to see how Elvis handles himself in all of this. Like Sami, he becomes much less effective when his emotions are involved. But the thing that always caused his emotions to go out-of-control (his battle with Sami) is resolved, so I wonder if he can be effective again. Prior to falling in love with her in 2007, he was actually quite methodical in his schemes. And his non-Sami related schemes (such as stealing the pensions and winning the mayor's race) were also pretty effective. So now that Elvis is not consumed with anger from his unrequited love, will he be a more formidable opponent?
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