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Nick is so, so changing those paternity results. It may not be his first plan (because the blackmail obviously is) but it's going to be his backup plan. He's already laid the ground work by being the one to convince Gabi to have the test done in the first place. And we can already see Gabi getting worried about Sami and now Sami's influence on Will.

It'a actually all being put together rather well. I love the irony of the fact that Gabi and Will don't have a problem, everybody around them does and they are both allowing themselves to be influenced by others in a way that is going to produce this huge conflict.

So, my guess is that Nick's blackmail backfires in some way and, in retribution, word gets out about what Gabi did to Melanie. Team Will is going to make some threat/push for full custody and that's going to be the tipping point for Gabi to agree to let Nick alter the paternity tests.
I'm also pretty impressed how they are laying down threads that may not have an immediate impact, but certainly will later on. Like you said, Nick's first play is likely intimidating #TeamWill by making it clear that they use Nick's criminal past in a custody fight, then #TeamGabi will have a very similar card to play. It's not a bad play, but Nick may have miscalculated the response to his threat by #TeamWill. It's just going to incite them more, especially Sami. If she feels there is the possiblity of Will getting thrown in jail, she's going to lash out and make more threats. And like you said, these additional threats will be what makes Gabi agree to switch the paternity test. To this end, it may not have been a miscalculation on Nick's part at all. That is, he may have wanted the tension to escalate so that Gabi would agree to switch the results. In that way, the jail threat could've been a calculated play to incite Sami. I'd love that - very Machiavellian.

To me, Gabi and Will make perfect pawns. Gabi has been insecure and malleable for quite awhile, so it's not surprising that she's simply a puppet in all this. And Will has consistently been very naive. Even when he tried to be more sinister (like when he tried to blackmail EJ), it became clear that he's not a born schemer. At the end of the day, he simply doesn't have much evilness in him and that makes it hard for him to understand and predict what evil people will do.
Excellent points. EJ and Sami, OTOH, are experts at predicting the schemes that the other side may come up with, because the two of them have done just about everything. Lucas should be just as wary, but so far he's advocating not rocking the boat...it will be interesting to see if his attitude changes. I continue to be amazed at how much I'm enjoying the umbrella facet of this story, because I originally thought it was one of the lamest, most predictable things they could write.
Sure, they may predict the other side's actions, but they have two things going against them. First, Sami at least is expecting Gabi to act like Sami which Gabi (thus far) has not and, therefore, instead of anticipating moves, Sami is actually causing them. Second, Sami (and EJ) have a long history of having their plans blow up in their faces. I love that ultimately they are making things worse, not better.
This is such a pity, because I fundamentally love Will and enjoy other members of his Team. But the opportunity to see plots blow up in Sami and/or EJ's face is much too priceless a thing to pass up! I want to see this happen.

And I agree 150% about how Sami anticipating moves that would likely not come to pass were she not involved, will making things exponentially worse. The problem with preemptive strikes. And this is awesome. T'will give the opportunity to dislike Sami even more. And this miss crabby pants kvetches any chance she gets.

As far as EJ's effectiveness, I can see his having an emotional Achilles heel. Not motivated but frustration or anger I guess, but the opposite actually. So far, he seems intent with agreeing on Sami on all things custody/parental rights/Will related. Whether he is agreeing b/c he genuinely agrees, or b/c he isn't at least partially wanting to please Sami, or some combination of both - I can see him getting in trouble in this sense. Like ruling by committee or something. He is a lawyer and for all his flaws is an intelligent man, so one would think his experience and brain would win out in the end.

Just show me Sami with a bombed out scheme exploded before her, and I have to admit I'd be a pretty happy camper.
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