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Feb 8 2013, 02:27 AM
Feb 8 2013, 01:53 AM
Feb 7 2013, 09:59 PM
I just can't like Brian (and I'd like to, because he's otherwise a better match for Sonny than Will) for being that jerk that made Will believe he and Sonny slept together. Sonny would never condone that, and it makes Brian look even worse than Will. He calls Will out on having baggage and not being mature enough for Sonny and all that jazz, but then he turns around and does this? Insecurity and immaturity up the wazoo. Too bad. Brant's HOT. But actor chem never sells me. Its always in the story (no matter how dumb the story is).
Will hurt Sonny so Brian wants Will to hurt as well. I would have done the same given the situation.
Its Sonny & Will's issue not Brian's. Bri needs to stay out of it. Brian lying to Will should piss Sonny off since he's so pissed at Will for lying.
Sonny also sees Brian as more mature but Brian lying shows that he is immature. A mature guy wouldnt have to lie that he slept with Sonny so Will would leave him alone. If Brian was as confident as he says he is, he wouldnt need to do that to hold on to Sonny 7 he even wouldnt have pursued Sonny for sex so Soon after Sonny & Will broke up.
Exactly. Brian's intention was clear to me as the audience. He could very well make it out that Will read into it more than Brian actually said and Brian could deny it altogether, but that doesn't mean Brian's manner won't come out to Sonny eventually.
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