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My son is not a homersexual.

Feb 8 2013, 11:57 AM
Feb 8 2013, 11:42 AM
Don't you remember Brian starting crap before all this happened? He was always looking for trouble AND he is the reason why Will hopped into bed with Gabi, the reason why he now has a kid, and the reason his relationship with Sonny is over.
Brian is not responsible for any of this - Will is. Brian wasn't even aware of Will's presence in the scenes leading up to Will sleeping with Gabi. He certainly wasn't responsible for Will's arguments with Sonny and Lucas. Brian certainly didn't point a gun at Will's head and force him to insert his penis into Gabi's vagina. Nor did he compel Will to lie to Sonny for a couple of months about the baby which is what caused the break-up, not last week's snogging. All Brian has done so far is inform Will that Sonny had moved on a new guy - a guy that hasn't pulled any of the crap Will has done to Sonny.

Is Brian an opportunist? Probably; but that's about it. The evil guy in all of this is Will. His stupidity, insecurities, cowardice and naiveté are why he has a baby on the way and Sonny is now seeing another guy. Now if Brian were to send Will some pictures of Brian and Sonny in bed, then maybe I might feel a little pity for Will; but that wouldn't happen until I stopped laughing. Will deserves everything he has coming to him with regard to how he screwed up his relationship with Sonny.
I get that, but I'm just pointing out how interesting it is how tied up Brian is in this entire saga.
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