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Feb 8 2013, 04:23 PM
Feb 8 2013, 03:29 PM
Gabi was likeable for about ten minutes last year when she smashed Melanie's flower vase onto the floor and was trashing her online. Those days are long gone. She was a complete B or C or W or whatever you want to call her during her talk with Sonny today. What she said to him was far worse than anything Nick has said to Will thus far. Sonny needs to make a bee line to Victor and seek his assistance in bringing an end to her and maybe Nick, too. Kidnap her until she gives birth and then inflict a painful death upon her sorry ass. Don't let her see or hold her own baby before she is killed. She deserves nothing less cruel. There is no one in Salem I despise more than that miserable wench.
So Sonny's allowed to treat Gabi like scum but when she returns the favor she's a bitch? What hypocrisy. Sonny's had it in for Gabi way before the truth about the baby came out. So Sonny needs to stfu on that one. Go Gabi!! She's been trying to make amends with Sonny over something that didn't even concern him. I hope those days are done.
Sonny didn't walk into Gabi's place of business and start talking a bunch of crap to her. Once Sonny does that and if I give him a free pass for it, then I will gladly embrace the deserved hypocrisy. As it is, he's been staying far away from her and out of her business. She crossed a line today and I hope he exacts some Kiriakis vengeance on her ass.
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