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I so do not like Gabi and Nick, but after today I think I can no longer blame them or be upset with them for taking advantage of Will. You can only do so much and give a person so many hints that you are not on their side and do not have their best interests at heart before you just have to give up and do what you need to do. Gabi has supported Nick with his calling Will "gay boy", in his denial of Will being in the baby's life before the secret came out, and in his continued pushyness to get Will to do things their way. However, Will would rather suspect and accuse his life-long friend of blackmailing him than even entertain the thought that it could be Nick. Besides that Will hasn't had a conversation with anyone that cares about him where they haven't tried to warn him about Nick and Gabi. Does he really think everyone is wrong, but them? I am sorry, you can not call yourself any kind of villain and let this type of blatant blindness and stupidity go by. Will is begging to be taken advantage of and if he is going to set the stage and give Nick all the tools to do so then its all on him.
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