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I already hated Gabi. After today I just want that bitch gone. She had the audacity to tell Sonny 'Something you and Will will never share." That was as low as it goes. Sonny was so right that it's none of her damn business what is going on between him and Will. It was thanks to her and Nick convincing Will that Sonny would leave him that him and Will are now broken up. God I wanted Gabi to be at full term there as she drops dead while Sonny delivers a healthy baby girl for him and Will to raise. I can't even find one thing redeemable about her now with that comment, especially with what she did to Melanie.

I wish they'd use Tad more. I'd take him any day over Cameron. They should have done a Abby/Tad/Chad triangle instead. At least Tad is interesting. I love how he's still a jerk in his own way but he really does like Sonny and Will now.

I see Nick trying to blackmail Sonny by telling them him that if he tells what Gabi did than Will is going down for what he did to EJ.

Will is about as naive as the come. It's almost to the point of sounding pathetic. Sonny needs to get back together with him and knock some sense into him. I have a feeling Will and Sonny get back together as they both get drawn into Nick's plan. I think it backfires on Nick and instead of tearing them apart it brings them back together. Will and Sonny both can't be dumb. Sonny has always been the one that lives in the real world where as Will not so much.

I so enjoyed the Kirsten and Jen scenes. I'm not even a big Jen but but their scenes today were so entertaining.
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