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Feb 8 2013, 08:29 PM
Feb 8 2013, 11:04 AM
Feb 8 2013, 08:55 AM
I thought Abigail told Cameron she was a virgin when they has their multiple attempts at sex the last time. if not, what reason did she give for being reluctant about it?
I don't think she ever gave a reason. I think he just got fed up with all her mixed signals and dumped her. I really think this story is kind of ridiculous. Why is she so afraid of him knowing she's a virgin? WHO CARES?! Jennifer didn't act like it was a big, bad thing during her virginal years. She wanted it to be special her first time and I don't particularly remember her being that embarrassed about it either....although my memory is kind of fuzzy with her before Jack came along. Abby acts like it is some sort of defect. I wish the story was more about her actually falling in love with someone she has real chemistry with, as opposed to who she loses her virginity to. Stupid.
Re: the bolded...while I agree that being a virgin isn't, in the grand scheme of things, a big deal, I think that you have to take into account the fact that Jennifer grew up in a very different time than Abby did. For many of the people of Abby's generation, having sex isn't a big deal, and virginity is something that you lose during high school. Sex tapes and sexting are commonplace. In general, sex and the exploration of sexuality are treated more casually than they would have been during Jennifer's young adult years.

It makes perfect sense to me that Abby would feel like being a virgin is embarrassing. Many young adults feel that way when they are still virgins, especially at Abby's age. She's in college -- not high school -- and she's the only person in her peer group on the show who has not yet had sex. There's a difference between being okay with being a virgin (which she claims that she is, but I'm sure that there's probably a part of her that wishes that she could just get it over with) and being confident that everyone else (specifically the men whom you are interested in, one of whom is definitely sexually experienced and the other of whom we can reasonably assume is sexually experienced) will be okay with that fact, and that's where her insecurity comes into play. There's also a point where, as a virgin, the actual act of having sex for the first time has been built up to a level where it has been turned into an even more nerve-racking event than it would otherwise be, and Abby seems to have reached that point, which, IMO, is why she was unable to have sex with Cameron last year, despite the fact that she wanted to have sex with him as a way to escape her grief over her father's death.
I get what you're saying. And I even know more than one person who is older than Abby for which this is an issue. But you have provided a much more thoughtful, in-depth, and caring presentation of Abby's likely POV than what the show is giving us.

In an earlier post, I noted that Jennifer didn't make an issue of her virginity, but rather was waiting for the right guy. And it's true that she wasn't rushing to have sex for its own sake. However, I will admit that she was rushing to be married. She wanted that "happily ever after" life she thought she was missing out on. And we saw her emotional struggle even while we saw her trying to be an independent career woman as well.

Aside from all that, my main point is that whatever the angle they take with Abby, the story should be entertaining. And this story just isn't. It's lame and uninteresting. I don't know why TomSell chose this route with Abby, but they seem to be trivializing or otherwise wasting the potential of it. And it's almost oppressive in that Abby is singly focused on this subject. Just like we only see Jennifer with her laser-like focus on Daniel, we also only see a fairly one-dimensional Abby.

If the show is going to insist on only showing this side of her, then why not have her reveal more of her internal angst -- to have her articulate some of the depth of feeling that you laid out so well in your post? Maybe she should talk to Father Eric or Marlena to get some perspective, since her own mother seems incapable of any. And forget about Maggie, too.

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