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Feb 8 2013, 10:39 PM
All fanbases have given her beef via twitter or her blog at one point or another...we're ALL a bit cray ya know... One thing I can say... I think she finally lost the Lumis... It was that tweet about her not seeing Sami as a victim that did it for me personally and many other lumis... Regardless of what she loves about the story now or how delighted she may be that Ejami is getting a chance, the minute she said that she lost me totally... She could have said that Sami doesn't view herself as a victim, and I wouldn't have had an issue...oh we'll, just wish that Bry had more to do with or without Days.
If an actor is going to pimp a storyline, then they have to expect some to give a negative reaction. Especially a couple that started with rape. I think it depends on how invested people are in the show, and their voices are just as important as the "hallelujah" chorus that ship the couple. All make up the audience.
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