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Difficult Diva
Feb 9 2013, 06:45 AM
Yes, I too am another straight female viewer watching this show, but I WANT Sonny and Brian to have sex, because with ALL the years of watching soaps and seeing other straight "endgame couples" have sexual relations, affairs and marriages with other characters besides their OTP, I think those two ending up in bed would add to the character development of both Sonny and Will.

Also, Will has slept with someone else while he had strong feelings for Sonny, and while it was unwise to make a last stab at being straight, he and Gabi both chose to have sex. Aside from being reckless about contraception/safety, they did nothing wrong and cheated on no one. Will and Sonny were not together, though there had been some back and forth. I also think it would be bizarre if Will had hung out at gay clubs with Neil last fall and nothing happening. We've sadly never seen Sonny with another guy, we've heard that he was not a monk.

It would be normal and soapy if Sonny slept with Brian. Will is no longer his boyfriend, and Sonny thinks he and Will are done. I remember Kyle dated with/slept with a guy simply to prove to Oliver that he was over him on OLTL, and it led to some drama.
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