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Difficult Diva
Feb 9 2013, 09:44 AM
So, because Sonny said that, it means that he could never change his mind, if he actually felt ready to have sex with anyone else who's not Will?
I never said that Sonny couldn't change his mind at some point in the future, nor did I say that Will was the only person whom Sonny could ever feel like he was ready to have sex with from now on.

I simply said that Sonny having sex with Brian right now, when he just said a few days ago (in Salem time, and only two weeks ago in our time) that he didn't want to have sex just for the sake of having sex, would seem weird to me. Months from now, that statement won't carry as much weight, because it will be a statement that was said months ago. Years from now, that statement definitely won't carry as much weight, because it will be a statement that was said years ago. But right now, it carries a lot of weight, because it's a statement that was just said recently, and it therefore reflects how he's currently feeling.

I have no problem with the idea of Will or Sonny sleeping with someone who is not Sonny or Will. I believe that they're endgame, and I obviously want them to be together, but I'm not stubbornly insisting that they should never sleep with anyone else, and I don't think that anything in my previous post implied that. Like I said, I was fully prepared to see Sonny sleep with Brian after breaking up with Will until he made that statement about meaningless sex, which told me where his head was at (otherwise he wouldn't have said it). Now that he has made that statement, I don't expect him to sleep with Brian any time soon. If he does, fine, whatever -- it's not a big deal, and as I said earlier, it won't completely irritate me. It will just feel out of character, given Sonny's recent statement -- that's all.

In the future, during Will and Sonny's next breakup, if one of them decides to sleep with someone else, that will be another matter entirely (unless they make a similar statement about not wanting meaningless sex right before doing so), and I will have no problem with either of them sleeping with Brian or Neil or any other gay character who might come along at that time.
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