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just joey
Feb 5 2013, 09:28 AM
Feb 1 2013, 08:18 PM
Hope wants Rick to apologize to Liam, thinking Liam will then ask her to move back in with him.
Can we say desperate and pathetic to Hope, LOL
:puke: Discusting ,Pathetic & Desperate. Right here it should show Spoiler fans every where, who the Mature, team would be. And it sure as the hell is not HOEPE. She is as Desperate as Brooke is. Rick appologizing to Liam really should show Liam, 'Hoepes " immaturity, & what married life with her "CAN & "WILL BE" :drunk: . My question is this. While Liam is " WAITING" , for HOEpe to " REALLY grow up & Mature", can he wait for that & count on his marriage surviving, assuming that he marry's HOEpe? Or is Liam going to remember how the "Grown up & Mature WAY" that "STEFFY" has handled everything that has transpired", between Herself, Liam, & Hoepe when she was going to "Paris" & when she came back.? That is why he needs to "GO AWAY". Shut his cell phone Off, & not tell anyone where he is going. I never noticed the "RING" through his nose, before "Steffy left for Paris. You know!!! The one that the " LOWGANS" have been leading LIAM, around by? I would think , that it should be getting pretty painful, by now. The way that 2 of the "LOWGANS", are constantly "TUGGING", on it. So how much did it cost to "Rent those idiotic kites? How much more is it going to cost, to "BUY " LIAM, for HOEpe?!!!! :frustration: Wait till he finds out that he threw away a life & family :shithitfan: , for nothing but heart ache, by Marrying" a child, instead of Marrying a GROWN UP & MATURE" woman & them "both raising their child, " "AS AN INFANT" , & NOT as a "WOMAN WANNABE"? Than "IT, "WILL", "BE" , to late. "BYE, BYE", sucka, :scared: "You've just been robbed" :omg: , FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME"!!!! :applause: :wave: :offs:
I agree Steffy belongs with liam, it doesn't matter who had who FIRST, it matters who is more mature. Hope has been more about Hope all along, nothing has changed, she is a brat, violent, arrogant, and has no reguard for anyone else but her. Steffy is always willing to put others ahead of her, that makes for a great Mom. She has learned from her mistakes, Hope has learned nothing, but more selfishness. She is not stcking up for herself, she is just become MORE arrogant. :soapbox:
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