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Feb 9 2013, 11:05 AM
I was a rare Nuke fan, as I liked Reid and I saw him as the analog to Damian in the Lily/Holden relationship - a very interesting long term potential spoiler. I wasn't happy with how they made Noah a jerk during the blindness, but ATWT writers always made Holden and Jack insta jerks to facilitate supercouple breakups. I think it was a shame that the show was canceled because Luke could have been torn for years, and I'm sure the story would have played out differently if they hadn't been under pressure to wrap things up. (Incidentally, Maddie was 1000x more interesting and likable than Gabi.) But Atwts was very good at breaking up supercouples and then having them pursue other relationships only to find their way back to each other. They did that over decades for several couples. They did that all the time, but Days has always been crap at figuring out what to do with supercouples once they get seriously together.

But the point is well-made that we all know that Brant D. is filming prime time stuff and won't be available to be a long term threat to Wilson, so that ties the writers down a bit unless they want to recast. I like the idea that Sonny finds someone else since Will has a plot of his own that is canvas wide. I'd like to see a spoiler love interest for Sonny that's tied to another storyline so Sonny's life doesn't revolve around Will.
There is already all the baby drama going on right now, but what I'd like to see happen later on is for one of Sonny's ex-boyfriends to come back into the picture. It would give us some much needed back story on Sonny and I think it might be interesting to see how he deals with someone from his past that he actually had feelings for. I of course would want that ex to not stand a chance, but I'd still like to see them come in and try to screw up Will and Sonny's relationship so that he could get back with Sonny. But if that were to happen, I would need Will to grow a pair. He's already so insecure now that I don't know if I could take it unless he was more secure in their relationship, and willing to fight back. Maybe later on down the road it will be possible.

I also watched the Nuke story (but on you-tube...never did watch the whole show) and I was rooting for them until Reid showed up. I absolutely fell in love with that character and was so pissed when he got killed off. I don't think I would have wanted Luke with Noah again. Which is kind of scary now that Brian has entered the picture and so many people are actually rooting for him and Sonny. I can see why they would want him, just like I was rooting for Reid more than Noah. :-/ The only saving grace is that Brian is not intended for long term....at least I hope not. Can't stand him. ;)
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