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Feb 9 2013, 01:05 PM
Feb 8 2013, 02:08 PM
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Feb 8 2013, 02:01 PM
Honestly, I can't fault Jennifer for getting giddy of the word "naked" -- especially when it applies to Shawn Christian. The man has a fucking body that does. not. quit. At 45 he's got a body that men 1/2 is age wish they had.
Im going to disagree. I always think that he looks dirty and needs a bath. I have never been a fan of his character.
Not a huge fan, but the man DOES have a smokin' body. Along with Eric Martsolf. I just don't want to see him rubbing up against Jennifer.
Sigh. I just don't think so. I hate the uber compact beefcake look. It doesn't look like functional muscle. It looks like eight hours a day in the gym muscle. I don't find Brady attractive either, but at least he doesn't have the gorilla thing going like SC does. I just think "buff monkey" when I see SC. I'm so sorry to rip on looks, and I wouldn't care about that at all if Dan weren't also so freaking dull. But, as I just don't catch the vision with SC's looks, Dan's a total loss for me.
Im not into the beef cakes either and i do feel that some people have too much muscle. I have a hugh crush on Elijah Wood its the eyes they get me everytime. But to me SC aka Daniel does nothing for me at all. Never had never will.
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