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And now, to Lucas and Will. First off, Lucas two days in a row?!? It must be Christmas - what did I do to deserve this magnanimous gesture from TPTB? And BD is looking very nice.

Any Will and Lucas scene I can get, I will savor to within a inch of the scene. And I can't tell y'all how glad I am that this coverup is being revisited and explored a little bit. When it was revealed that Will was the one who shot EJ last January, I found that very intriguing, and immediately thought to Lucas, the sacrifice he made, how his going to jail was really the last nail in the Lumi coffin, how angry that made me suddenly, etc. And then when Bryan came back late last February, I was soooo excited to see that retcon acknowledged a little more. It was - kiiiinnnddddddaa. Lucas got a thanks from Will I think, a thanks from Sami, maybe a couple other words exchanged between Lucas and Will, and that was it. Now, yes, the crazy Lumi shipper wanted more. Wanted acknowledgement of the role that coverup and Lucas going to jail played in Lumi's disintegration. Ideally I would have wanted Will to acknowledge this, or Sami. Something more discussed about what this cover up did to this family unit. But of course the writers didn't go there, and that's fine. I care about it b/c I am an obsessive shipper, so OK. But even as an objective soap opera fan, I think there is a lot of potential story fodder there for all players involved, retcon or not. So even though it is just the basis of a blackmail story now, I am glad the writers are fleshing the event out a little bit. Good to gain insight into Will's state of mind at the time, how desperate he seemed, how young he was and unthinkingly he acted, etc. I dug that.

I was so pleased they used CM's younger brother and bothered to recreate or first-create flashbacks. It was so fun to see a little mini Chandler-as-Will even though, bless his heart, I don't think Christian acted his scenes very well. But no matter - that was still such a treat.

And hooray for Will thanking Lucas a little more fully - yes! Last year he seemed 5% grateful towards Lucas, and 95% grateful/enamored of EJ, and, gah, I don't want to revisit the rage that threw me into. Best leave those emotions in the past. Also, hooray for Lucas saying "a mess your mom and I created". Any mention of Lumi anything - ANYTHING - warms my cold, saddened heart.

I have no idea why the writers had Lucas saying "that guy Nick" - maybe as a way of denigrating Nick. Like Lucas has his suspicions, and that was a way to cut Nick down? That's how the delivery came off to me anyway. Still strange - boo on your writers. And BB's reaction shots were pretty stellar - Nick is a fantastic character to love hate.

Will's naivete is curious. He is in for a major reality check in the near future. Aww, adorable trusting Will - listen to your father! Schemey-smart Lucas :wub2:

Overall, I LOVED their scenes together, so as a result I dug this episode. Interruption and all. Hooray!!

Oh, and Nick with that lame distraction excuse and "I am totally losing it today" -?!? BWAHHAHAHAHAAHAH
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