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Feb 9 2013, 09:31 AM
Difficult Diva
Feb 9 2013, 06:45 AM
Yes, I too am another straight female viewer watching this show, but I WANT Sonny and Brian to have sex, because with ALL the years of watching soaps and seeing other straight "endgame couples" have sexual relations, affairs and marriages with other characters besides their OTP, I think those two ending up in bed would add to the character development of both Sonny and Will.

Both Will and Sonny have had sex with other people, though. Technically, all of those encounters took place before they officially started dating each other, and Will's "other person" was a female, but we were already at the point where neither Will nor Sonny could say that they were the only person whom the other man had ever been with before they even shared their first kiss.

That said, there's still plenty of time for one or both of them to sleep with other people, even if that doesn't happen during this storyline. After all, there's already a lot of super couple angst for Will and Sonny in this storyline as it is, and the writers probably don't want to put all of their angst staples in one basket, so to speak -- they'll need to save some things for later, when this storyline has run its course.

Without trying to speak for anyone else, I think that part of the reason that you might find some fans to be resistant to the idea of Sonny and Brian sleeping together right now is that Brant Daugherty is only a recurring character at the moment. If such a storyline were to play out, I think that having it play out with a character who is actually on-screen for more than a handful of episodes every six months or so would be preferable.

The other reason -- for me, at least -- is that we've recently heard Sonny tell Will that having sex simply for the sake of having sex isn't what he wants. Given how fresh that statement is in my mind, it would just seem odd to me if Sonny had meaningless sex with Brian right now. It wouldn't completely irritate me or anything like that, but it would seem like a bit of a characterization misstep. I will say that before Sonny said that, I was kind of expecting him to sleep with Brian at some point before reconciling with Will, but after I heard that piece of dialogue, I stopped believing that Sonny would do something like that.
I am in agreement with you on this. They are already limited because there are gay and obviously in a minority group on any show. I would much rather see Will and Sonny find their way back together and see them team up against Nick and Gabi. Will and Sonny have barely had any happiness together. I love the bit of angst they are getting right now. But I don't want it to last much longer. Sonny needs to be a bigger focus and in order for that to happen he needs to be part of a central story. At least for the first time in a while we got to see Sonny on without Will yesterday and it was to be more involved in the baby story. If he were paired with Brian right now, we'd barely see Sonny.

Leave a third party story for later on with either Brian coming back into the picture or a possible ex of Sonny. Or leave it should Chandler decide to leave. I know this won't be popular opinion...I love Wilson but if Chandler leaves I say make Sonny a main focus because he in my opinion can more than stand on his own. His little bit of airtime with Brian proved that. Or recast Will if Chandler decides to leave.

Like you,, I am not completely against Sonny having sex with Brian. But if he does I get the feeling Sonny after will just regret it especially after he reads what Will wrote to him. I can tell just by looking at the pictures for next week how in love Will and Sonny are with each other and Freddie basically confirmed that in his latest interview. So any sex Sonny has now with Brian would just be to be sex and reaffirm how much he loves Will and wants to be with him. And he did just indicated he didn't want to have sex just to have sex. Unless he only meant that with Will because he cares too much for him to have sex when they have other things unresolved. To me the kissing and making out with Sonny and Brian was enough to show Sonny is not being treated like a gay character but instead a real character but also shows him to stay in character since he seems to be ready to settle down and not just have sex to have sex. Why I think he will realize that even know Will lied he sincerely regrets doing what he did to Sonny...and Will can actually give him the kind of life he wants right now.
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