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engrady pind

I like those days on the show when something actually happens. Yesterday, Friday Feb. 8, we saw the SEC come from Tracy only to be deterred by Connie's insane reasoning. We saw Tracy and Duke also get the lightbulb about the relish Lila manufactured. John and Caleb at the jail house talking to Rafe, and the scene on the docks when another cop bit the dust. On days like this one, I am so glad I didn't count GH as lost. Of course, if I have to endure much more Sabrina/Britt or Sonny/Connie crap I may change my mind again.

I am really wondering why John, Starr, and Todd are so important to Prospect Park and their reboot of One Life to Live since they, the powers that be over there, have already said they intend to fashion a show for younger demographics than they have now. Maybe they will see the wisdom of allowing these characters to return to Port Charles where they can live on rather than be forgotten by viewers who are more into the younger set. GH will eventually end up at PP also but without many viewers who have kept the show going for 50 years. Not all viewers have computers and many more just may not be willing to pay to watch their shows.
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