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Feb 9 2013, 02:18 PM
AS always promotes the storyline she's in. Always. There have been years of non stop "Safe" pictures. She addresses the relevant fan base that goes with the relevant storyline. She promotes Days of Our Lives and her character, not what the fans want to hear. If Sami goes back to Rafe, she'll be back to promoting Safe and turn her attention to the Safe fans. If Lumi gets back together, the same would apply. Right now the storyline involves Ejami, so naturally she would promote that. She's a lead actor, and one of the few who goes to great lengths to connect with the fans via social media.
Yup. Ali always promotes what's onscreen now. I too remember years of blogs and tweets about the wonder of Safe, their magical wedding in the woods, Sami reuniting with him after she shot EJ in the head, etc. Admittedly there wasn't a lot of promotion of lumi this last go round, but I think it's because it was fairly obvious that was going to be very short-term. Back in the day though they promoted the lumi green wedding like it was the last wedding that was ever going to happen on the show.

I do have to wonder if this increased level of EJami promotion right now is because they went so hard in the other direction with the shooting, Rafe 2 stuff a few years ago. Yes there are people that will never get over that kind of stuff, but for the GA who probably remembers that there have been long periods of EJ and Sami hating each other, I do think that these kinds of scenes are intended to win them over. Will it work on all the members of the GA? No way, but they have to at least attempt to woo them in order to make the pairing a viable option.

When the storyline turns again then Ali will be promoting Sami and whichever man is next on the scene. It does sound as though we're getting a good long break from both her and EJ being involved in a triangle though, so for that I'm grateful. As for the people sending nasty stuff to her on Twitter, it's everyone's prerogative to say what they want within reason on their own account. Do I find it distasteful and childish? You betcha. I figure if you're pissed at someone you would refrain from communicating with them. I remember unfollowing nbcdays twitter account when the storyline wasn't to my liking because I knew whatever they tweeted would reflect that exact same storyline. Problem solved, and it saved me a ton of aggravation.
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