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Harlee Kin
Feb 9 2013, 09:13 PM
I think they are brought on to be a fun couple, to be able to have hot sex scenes without any scrutiny that will be on couples like EJAMI and DANNIFER who are supposed to be showing their love for one another, I think this will play out for great entertainment on screen.
Ummm "fun couple", "hot sex scenes" "great entertainment on screen" ..... I guess its possible people are saying he's improved a lot now that he's no longer with Sami.

Maybe him and Kate can dress up in sunglasses and hats and be incognito on their way to their romantic assignations.
(ref: Sami and Rafe incognito and being intensely smug about is at time of Rafe capture is the pinnacle moment of me wanting to slap both of them)
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