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Feb 9 2013, 03:39 PM
Feb 8 2013, 11:59 PM
Personally, I'm glad that the writers have not had anyone question Will's decision to sleep with Gabi after he had already emerged from the closet. Considering the way that Lucas was acting a few short months ago, I expected him to behave like a homophobic jerk again, doubting that Will was ever truly gay and encouraging Will to be with Gabi so that they could raise their child together, and I'm extremely pleased that the writers didn't go that route.
But that's exactly why they SHOULD question it. If they believe and accept that Wll is gay, then they should be at least a little confused since gay men don't usually sleep with women. I don't think they need to question his sexuality, but they should at least be asking why he'd sleep with Gabi. On that note, is EJ the only one to whom Will explained why they slept together?
I look at it a different way. If they believe and accept that Will is gay, it shouldn't matter why he slept with Gabi, because no matter what the answer is...Will's still gay.

Not questioning it, to me, shows more care, support, and acceptance than questioning it does. I certainly wouldn't question it if I learned that one of my gay friends had slept with a woman shortly after coming out of the closet. I'd "get" that without even needing to hear an explanation. I think that most of the people in Will's life are intuitive enough to feel the same way.
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