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I'm still just ugh with this show, but I'll mock a few things.

I thought Jennifer and Kristen both looked ridiculous. Kristen looked like Christi, Chloe's mom from Dance Moms. Jennifer looked like she was wearing half a curtain from a Burlesque show.

Maggie looked like an idiot walking around with a sippy cup on a tray. Seriously?

I'm not one to get annoyed about Lucas yelling, and he wasn't really yelling today. But I HATED how he spoke to Will from the beginning to the end.

Nick's multiple fist bumps of victory got increasingly stupid.

So...28 year old Parker was asleep, so Ann woke him up? It's night time. It's not like him sleeping was unusual. Parker's temperature is 105, and this is the happiest he's looked. Apparently, he's too little to tell Chloe what hurts. Little? Alright.

Daniel punched that drunk guy. What if he punched the shakes right back into his hand?

I continue to think T is absolutely horrible. And it doesn't help that his scenes were shared with Sonny, who just gets more and more dull by the day and Gabi who is pregnant with a Horton and still barely relevant.

Meanwhile, three scams were basically outed in one episode. Three. And they all just started. Three.

Brady called Maggie "Maggie Horton."

You know what would be funny? If Gabi, Nick, and Will all ended up in prison.
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