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Feb 9 2013, 03:06 PM
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Feb 8 2013, 04:59 PM
Feb 8 2013, 03:51 PM
"What about that guy Nick?" Um, you mean your cousin? Shame on the writers and Dattilo for that line. Terrible.
It's not an actor's fault that the writers don't do their homework.
But we know the actors are allowed to ad-lib at times. Dattilo appears to value Lucas as a character. He knows the character's history pretty well too. He even delivered the line like Nick is a total stranger, rather than his cousin. It was awful delivery. At least try and save the writing with your delivery.
It was a strange comment/thing for the writers to write. But I don't think Byan's delivery came off like he thought Nick was a stranger. It came off more like a pejorative "that guy Nick". Or, rather, I think that is one interpretation one could make. LOL - I made it anyway.
Well, I have to admit that it sounded to me like Lucas didn't know Nick. But what sticks out for me is that no one is acknowledging that Will and Nick are family. That they are both Hortons. Lucas' line imo goes right in keeping with how this story is being told. The ad libing I'm assuming that has been Bryan on occasion hasn't gone against the tide of how the writers are plotting out the story. As I said, it has to be deliberate that no one has yet to talk about a Horton going against another Horton. Nick and Will are being written as non family members so far. Maybe that will change later. Probably not though because someone (Julie or Maggie) in the family would probably suggest that they sit down like family and work this thing out. That's not exactly soapy, so I guess they'll have to continue to be plot point "strangers" within the same family so the fallout can continue.

And how do you save "Nick! That guy Nick!" That's pretty cut and dry. Much as I love Bryan, even he's not a miracle worker.
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